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Coconut Butter from Scratch

Coconut Butter from Scratch

What in the World is Coconut Butter? Also known as coconut manna or coconut cream, it's just... pureed coconut. Fat, fiber, and all the other goodness is in there. It gets really hard, especially in colder temps, so make sure you pour it immediately after blending!...

Homemade coconut milk and coconut flour recipes from scratch

Homemade coconut milk and coconut flour recipes from scratch

So, I am not the biggest fan of coconut. I know most people love it, and it's all the rage at the moment (for a lot of good reasons), but I just... don't love coconut. At all. However, I recently started a fun thing called the "AIP Diet", or Autoimmune Protocol. I...

Yes, gluten-free soap is a thing

Yes, gluten-free soap is a thing

You might be surprised to learn that gluten is actually a commonly used ingredient in skin care products. Here’s a list of some common gluten-containing ingredients used in skin care products and cosmetics.

The Beginning of So Many Things…

Welcome! This is the first post on the site, I guess. My apologies for things being so bare at the moment; I'm kinda just going minute-to-minute and figured something was better than nothing!! So. You're here for any number of things - information, resources,...

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