Orders and Shipping

Please ensure that all orders are accurate prior to submitting them online! You may call or email us for custom formulations and substitution requests.

All orders are prepaid; payments will be taken before an order is processed, packed and shipped.

Our default shipping agent is USPS. We do our best to provide you with the lowest shipping costs possible; costs are calculated online with integrated shipping modules based on weight, volume, and distance calculations. We reserve the right to change shipping charges, but will contact you for approval before orders are processed if this occurs.

Orders are shipped from our primary location in Portland, Oregon.

Back to Hope takes no responsibility for any losses, damages or delays that may occur. Similarly, we must be notified should additional insurance be required. Without notification we ship products without insurance. Please note that transporters often do not heat their trucks in winter, nor refrigerate them in summer. This will not harm the integrity of the product. Simply leave the product at room temperature for 24 hours before opening. Occasionally, stirring the product before use will be required to regain its consistency.

Orders are packed and shipped within 2 to 4 business days from receipt of payment.

Although we check and double-check orders prior to shipping, mistakes do happen. If an item is missing please let us know. We can ship it out to you, issue a refund, or include it in your next order. If you receive something you did not order, just enjoy it or share it with someone else!

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