Code of Ethics

We base our business code of ethics on common principles of ethics:

  • Mutual respect. All personnel must behave in an honest, fair and respectful manner in their relationships with other members of the Organizations and likewise with all third parties who may interact with it, including customers, vendors, contractors, governmental officials concerned, mass media or any other individuals and/or organizations, as applicable.
  • Equal treatment of individualsAll personnel must avoid offensive behavior and conducts contrary to the law, including discrimination on grounds of racial or ethnic origin, skin color, religion or belief, nationality, gender, age, ancestry, national origin, civil status, physical disability, etc.
  • Integrity and honesty. Tell the truth and avoid any wrongdoing to the best of your ability.

  • Justice. Make sure you’re objective and fair and don’t disadvantage others.

  • Competence and accountability. Work hard and be responsible for your work.