Environmental Commitments

We take sustainability pretty seriously. Our activities both as a business and in our personal lives have a substantial impact on our planet, and we do our best to walk as lightly on the earth as possible - while always striving to be better. Some of the things we do include:

  • All of the electricity used by our home and business is 100 percent renewable and generated from wind, solar and geothermal power.
  • We don't use paper towels or disposable anything; we use rags, recycled containers, real dishware and the like.
  • Our product packaging is completely plastic-free, and either made from recycled materials or compostable - often both!
  • Cleaning products are natural and handmade, and stored in recycled containers.
  • Everything possible is recycled or composted.
  • Products are sourced carefully to be fair-trade, local, or sustainably grown or wildcrafted whenever possible. We even harvest many of the herbs ourselves.