Made with luxury herbs, plant butters and oils, our soaps are gluten-free and formulated for people with allergies and skin sensitivities.

Have something else in mind? Contact us for custom orders!

Our Soaps

We offer a variety of luxurious natural soaps, all vegan and gluten-free. Our soaps are made with either pure essential oils or vegan, paraben-free and phthalate-free fragrance oils.

While our products are carefully formulated to avoid the most frequent allergens, we understand that everyone is unique – and we know how frustrating it is to encounter products that look lovely but you are unable to use! If you have specific requirements, please send us a message; we can almost certainly create something that works for you!


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Custom Products

We know our inventory is a little low right now; we’re working on that! In the meantime, we can formulate products for all your needs. Dry skin? Sensitive skin? Fragrance-free? Let us know and we’ll work together to get it just right!