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Welcome! This is the first post on the site, I guess. My apologies for things being so bare at the moment; I’m kinda just going minute-to-minute and figured something was better than nothing!!

So. You’re here for any number of things – information, resources, tutorials, soap or tea, free website hosting… Yep, we’ll have all that and more! However, most of it isn’t available yet. The first post with any real substance will probably be about sourdough (since we’ve been working with that quite a bit), but even that’s not done yet. Coming shortly after that are urban gardening and quail posts, recipes, soapmaking and hand sanitizer tutorials, and more.

If you’re in need of free website hosting, give me a call or send a message.

For fabulous homemade stuffs, please visit the shop and help support this endeavour!

Hang in there, folks; the future is uncertain but also pretty darn hopeful at the moment. Together, we’ve got this.

~ Briana <3