Coconut Butter from Scratch

What in the World is Coconut Butter?

Also known as coconut manna or coconut cream, it's just... pureed coconut. Fat, fiber, and all the other goodness is in there. It gets really hard, especially in colder temps, so make sure you pour it immediately after blending! You can also freeze it in thin sheets and break into small chunks or pour it into silicone candy trays.

Okay, great; now what do I DO with it?

I'm so glad you asked - and I had the same question! Typically, it's used as an AIP-friendly replacement for nut butter - use it on toast or sandwiches just like you would peanut or almond butter. You can also eat it straight, as a high-fat snack (also great for Keto diets). You can also use it in a whole bunch of recipes - things like cake, energy bits, fudge, truffles, breads, pudding, sorbet, cookies, and more! Check out this blog post from Coconut Mama for a whole bunch of recipes.


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