Back to Hope is a small woman-owned, family-run business based out of Portland, Oregon. We are proud to be a certified B corporation, which means that we are founded around principles of social and environmental sustainability. We strive to be Zero Waste, offering plastic-free products that are also gluten-free, cruelty-free, and formulated for people with allergies and sensitive skin. We are committed to additional sustainability measures - such as purchasing from ethical suppliers, avoiding palm oil, being 100% carbon neutral in our energy usage, recycling and composting everything possible, using 100% recycled and compostable packaging, and carefully monitoring our energy and water consumption. Ingredients are carefully sourced to be both affordable and ethical, and we are constantly striving to improve. You won't find palm oil in any of our products, for example, as it is simply too environmentally destructive a crop - even when marketed as "sustainable"!

We believe that Black Lives Matter - and in food, social and racial justice across the board. We also love to help wherever we can, and a substantial amount of product is donated regularly to food pantries, community initiatives (such as Symbiosis PDX), indigenous communities, and more. Our front yard has been converted to a garden, and we are raising quail in our backyard. We're changing our consumption and living habits, learning to make do with less. And we offer whatever we can, whenever we can. In short, we try to be the change we seek in the world - and give us all a little more hope in these crazy times.

Our products are created using high-quality natural ingredients, and we are very careful to list every ingredient - we are all too familiar with allergies, mast cell activation syndrome, celiac disease, and chemical sensitivities! While we typically make vegan products using only essential oils and natural colorants, we do offer some items with a small amount of dairy and/or beeswax, and the occasional fragrance oil due to popular demand. Who am I to say you can't smell the way you want?!

Anywho. That's the short version; message us if you have questions, and feel free to let us know if there's something you want that we don't have listed! We're just getting started and more products and information will be added regularly. If it's really weird (or just something we haven't made yet), chances are we can probably make it, and we can definitely accommodate any and all allergies and sensitivities. It's kinda our thing.

Thanks for stopping by, and stay well!

~ Briana

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